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January 28, 2013 by RectorBlessed

I have spent a lot of time thinking about how fast time goes by. I look at Mary who is approaching 6 months old, and it’s something Sam and I can’t believe – it’s just gone by so fast. Only to realize, Andrew has grown so much in those same 6 months – which sadly isn’t celebrated as much. This past weekend, I was using diesel gas for something and Andrew referred to it later in the day as ‘iesel’. Samantha and I smiled at each other and we didn’t even correct him on how to say it. It’s almost as if we’re trying to hold on to any part of him that’s still ‘little’. Over the holidays, Sam and I spent some time watching home videos of him 2-3 years ago and we were shocked at how he use to sound/talk. We watch those videos now and we can’t even understand what he’s saying. But at the time, we could decipher every word! We were both nostalgic and it made us realize how quickly he has grown up. He rarely mispronounces a word if he knows how to say it correctly. So for now, we’ll let him say ‘iesel’.

The reason we started our blog was to document moments and memories, but it’s almost as if this isn’t enough. I think about all the memories that I have with Andrew and its saddening to know that he won’t remember these years. Some of my most energetic years as a father, he won’t be able to recall later in life. And I’m filled with this emotion to let my children know how much they are loved and cared for. I hear the year ‘1998’ or ‘2001’ and my mind instantly thinks ‘oh yeah, 3-4 years ago’ – its been 15 years!! And I know those same 15 years are going to fly by with Andrew and Mary too. Thankfully, we do have Mary; we’ll get to relive these experiences with her. She’ll develop her own baby talk/code language and we’ll be able to decipher every word of it. But this time, I think Sam and I both will have a deeper appreciation for the ‘moment’ rather than begging to get to the next phase in their growth development, because it’s gone in the blink of an eye.

Don’t get me wrong, Andrew is still plenty little! And there’s still so much more for us to do together as a family. I just wanted to encourage you to maybe slow down and thank God for where he has you at this time. I tell Andrew all the time, ‘you know who loves you more than Mommy and Daddy?’ – he answers, ‘God.’ Can you imagine how much God loved his Son – we can’t even fathom!

You are loved! Thanks for checking in on us.

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