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Mary McKenzie

August 23, 2012 by RectorBlessed

Mary McKenzie is one week old today, and that is so hard to believe! Actually, one week ago right now (2:01 pm) Mary McKenzie came into this world, weighing 6lbs 11oz and 20 1/4 inches long! She seemed so tiny! All her features seem so petite compared to Andrew, of course he was 8lbs 7oz! Everything went so smooth a week ago! Samantha was amazing and praise God we had no complications; we were sent home the next day.

I have been off this whole week and it has honestly been one of the most relaxing, nicest weeks off I’ve had in 4 1/2 years! Andrew has stayed home with us everyday and he is doing so well with Mary. He adores her! The first night we came home, he wanted to do everything at once: hold her, kiss her, play with her, feed her, etc. He was having a hard time understanding that he has plenty of time to do all of these things, haha. But overall he has been fantastic around her and he’s been a very sweet big brother! He also has requested two names that he and Mary will call each other! Of course, the always prevalent redneck East Texas ‘sissy and bubba’ and he’s also floated out ‘m&m and skittle’. Only time will tell…

Momma and Mary have really settled in well at home! Mary is a great sleeper. I can already tell that she is much more resilient to noises and her surrounding environment than Andrew was. We can credit most of that to Samantha working all night in the ER! We have really enjoyed this last week; it has forced us to slow down and stay home as a family. Gratefully, we have not had to cook dinner since we arrived home. Thank you to everyone who has sent messages, prayed for us, stopped by the hospital, or come to our house to check on us and see Mary McKenzie!

Here’s a few pictures from the past week:

Beautiful momma!

Patiently waiting:)

Big brother basket!

Hugs for Papa

Holding Mary:)

All smiles!

Alone time with Andrew

Getting to hold Mary!

First family photo:)

Sweet kids…

He adores her!

Mary McKenzie:)

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